Master Classes

Master Classes are trainings designed to support the depth of homeopathic understanding.

What is a Master Class?

With each Master Class, we’ll be welcoming renowned practitioners into our hallowed learning spaces via live webinars. These practitioners will teach on a specific topic within homeopathy, that may or may not include RadarOpus functionality. If homeopathic software is covered, it will not be the primary focus.

The primary focus of the Master Classes is on learning homeopathic philosophy, case analysis, and overall deepening of our knowledge of the medicine. We want to support you in being the best homeopathic practitioner you can be. Which we know is an amazing one.

Please Note: Master Classes are offered via live webinar, but we do record them. Registration to the live webinar includes access to the webinar recording on your Naturopathic CE account. If you missed registering before the live webinar, you can still register for access to the recording. Please see ‘Past Master Classes’ below.

Master Classess are hosted on Naturopathic CE.

Upcoming Master Classes

There are none scheduled at this time! Stay tuned!

Past Master Classes

Cured Homeopathic Cases Using RadarOpus

In our inaugural Master Class, Cured Homeopathic Cases Using RadarOpus, Dr. Matt Zorn teaches on homeopathic philosophy and shares his approach on case assessment. as well as walk you through using the RadarOpus program to find rubrics, perform the repertorization, and use the encyclopedia homeopathica to affirm the remedy selection.

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